March 7, 2021 | 1:04 pm
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Are YOU a Storymaker?


After Storymakers League’s successful run with the Class of 2014 and Class of 2015, we are back this year to look for a new batch of young aspiring writers. This time, we are looking for you, young authors across Asia. We are looking for 50 of you!

Storymakers League is an exclusive club whereby this time, Class of 2018 will consist of 50 young aspiring authors from all over Asia. These 50 will interact with each other virtually and participate in collaborative writing projects throughout the year and get their work published and accessible worldwide. They will also be exposed to more story-crafting, creative writing, oral presentation, research, publishing and copyright, as well as participate in the internal writing challenges.

How will you be selected? Be the Top 50 winners of the 1st Asian Story-Writing Challenge. Put on your writing hat, start writing your best fiction based on the Challenge Rules and submit latest on 31st December 2017.




Visit to start your very first step!

Storymakers League’s 1st Asian Story-Writing Challenge is organized by Shake Book Projects Sdn. Bhd., in collaboration with the National Book Council of Malaysia, and supported by a growing list of partners that include Perbadanan Kota Buku, and e-Sentral.

These following partners: National Book Committee of Indonesia, National Book Development Board of the Philippines and Singapore Book Council have agreed to help promote this challenge in Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, respectively.

We welcome parties in other Asian countries to help promote this challenge to the their talented young authors too!