March 1, 2021 | 8:37 am
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Please choose one of the following stories for you to illustrate on:

1. Too Late to the Mulberry ( Click here )
2. Sleeping Brother John ( Click here )
3. My Fair Lady ( Click here )


Rules & Regulations

  • Storymakers League will be publishing an anthology book of 33 short stories written by our young Asian authors.
  • The stories were written based on one of our assignments – Get inspired by a nursery rhyme of your choice and write a horror-thriller fiction based on that nursery rhyme.
  • The Book Illustration Competition is to select the best illustrations to be included in the soon-to-be published book.
  • Participants must be 10-18 years old.
  • Registration fee is USD 50 per participant.
  • Once registered, participants will be given a choice of stories for them to read.
  • Participants MUST read and understand the stories that are given to them and select 1 story for them to illustrate on, as the cover for that story.
  • Illustrations can be created using any medium: pastel, any paint, colour pencils, etc on paper, canvas, etc
  • There should not be any text in the illustration, but do allow some space within the illustration for the publisher to add the title of the story
  • Scan the illustration with the highest resolution possible and save it in JPEG format.
  • E-mail your submission to latest by 20th July 2019 11.59PM, stating clearly the name of participant, date of birth, mobile phone number and school name.
  • Participants DO NOT HAVE TO personally attend the festival at SMK TTDI JAYA, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  • All submissions will be showcased at #MYSCHOOLGOALS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2019 at SMK TTDI Jaya on 30th July 2019
  • Announcement of the winner is on 30th July 21:00pm (Malaysian Time) at the Appreciation Dinner(USD 25/pax) Dinner Theme: The Future Me!


Please choose one of the following stories for you to illustrate on:

1. Too Late to the Mulberry ( Click here )
2. Sleeping Brother John ( Click here )
3. My Fair Lady ( Click here )